Fallen Shaman - Diablo 3 Fan Art

Hey guys !

I've always been in love with Blizzard's games and their art, especially Diablo, so I had to do a fan art of one of their characters. I also wanted to do a demon, and I stumbled upon Phroilan Gardner great artwork in the artbook of Diablo 3 !
Still learning how to render properly in Zbrush... !

Comments&Crits are always welcome !

Modeling in Maya / Zbrush / Marvelous Designer
Texturing in Zbrush and Photoshop
Rendering in Zbrush
Comp in Photoshop

Based on a design by Phroilan Gardner

Hope you guys like it !
Cheers !

Ladislas gueros shaman def new
Ladislas gueros compo stills full colors
Ladislas gueros compo stills full grey
Ladislas gueros compo stills full wf
Ladislas gueros closeup04 chara color
Ladislas gueros closeup04 chara grey
Ladislas gueros closeup02 chara color
Ladislas gueros closeup02 chara grey
Ladislas gueros closeup03 chara color
Ladislas gueros closeup03 chara grey
Ladislas gueros closeup01 chara color
Ladislas gueros closeup01 chara grey
Ladislas gueros closeup staff color
Ladislas gueros closeup staff grey

Fallen Shaman - Diablo III