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Huntress - Artstation Challenge - Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found

Hello guys !

This is my entry for the Artstation Challenge Ancient Civilizations : Lost & Found.

I've chosen Nadezhda Tikhomirova's Huntress design for this challenge.
You can see her entry here :

I had a lot of fun doing this ! I learned a lot and some of the entries were amazing. That pushed me to do my best !
I wanted to create an image that looks like the short film Meet Buck ( with a 2D look and heavy brush strokes in the textures. I thought that it matched pretty well with my artstyle and Nadezhda's design.

Modeling in Maya
Posing, Base Body, Texturing, Rendering in Zbrush
Compositing in Photoshop

No Zbrush sculpt and no Paintover.
Basically I rendered in Zbrush using the Flat Color Shader, then using the Basic Material shader without any textures I rendered different light and shadow passes that I added on top.

Hope you like it!

Huntress - Artstation Challenge