Star Guardian Lux - League of Legends Fan Art

Hey !

Fan art based on a design by Paul Kwon for League of Legends - Lux's Star Guardian Skin

Modeling in Maya&Zbrush
Rendering in ZBrush

Wanted to try to set myself a deadline to create a character from the beggining to the end, so here's what I could do in 4 "work days".

Comments and Critics always welcome.

Cheers !

Ladislas gueros starguardianlux
Ladislas gueros turncolorfull
Ladislas gueros turngreyfull
Ladislas gueros facegrey
Ladislas gueros turntposefull
Ladislas gueros turntposefullwf
Ladislas gueros turntposefacewf

Star Guardian Lux - Full

Star Guardian Lux - Face CloseUp