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Aloy - Overwatch Fan Art

Hey guys !

I finally received Aloy's rig ! I'm so excited, as I can show her In-Game textures and renders that are done since quite some time now ! I'm so excited !

This is my take on Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn in the style of Overwatch. I tried my best to make it look like she belongs in the game.
It was a real struggle to design her, and another struggle to find the correct color palette for her. I thank my good friend Jeremy Baudry ( for his tremendous help about this.

I really had fun doing this, adapting this fantastic hero character into a style and game that I really love. I learned so much about game art, it's actually my first game model :o

Rig was done by Harry Houghton (

Backgrounds are screenshots from Blizzard's Overwatch.
Fonts / UI based on Overwatch.

This project is really dear to me, and I sincerely hope you guys like it !

Cheers !