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Ela - ArtWar III

Hey !

This is my final submission for ArtWar III !
We had to chose between a Hero or a Villain, and the character needed to use a superpower.

I've chosen to do a villain. Her name is Ela, and she can create and control ravens.
With that in mind, I knew I wanted something with an Overwatchy look. But I was also really inspired by another universe that I really love: Diablo. I tried to transpose some outfits from the wizard, combined with some stuff from the demon hunter, to create some kind of hybrid of both. And I also wanted to use that challenge as a way to get better at game art.

Character (61k tris) - Pedestal (2k tris) - Raven (9k each) - Simple Raven (2k each)

I'm completely exhausted, I've worked on this 24/7 when out of work since the start...But it was really worth it ! Thanks a lot Cubebrush for this amazing opportunity ! :)

Also, thanks a lot to my good friend Jeremy Baudry for his valuable feeback throughout the whole process !

Hope you guys like it !

Ela - Art War III