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Aloy/Overwatch - High Poly (Posing)

Hey !

Realized I've never posted this on Artstation !
Here is a quick "on the side" project about my Aloy/Overwatch Mashup.
I wanted to see what she would look like in pose, and experiment what pose I could do later with the low poly version.

I'm still hesitating between this and a more dynamic pose (like Aloy jumping from a cliff and shooting an arrow for example). If I go with a pose like this one, I might try to add an idle animation, which can be super cool ! :D So I dunno... !

I took the opportunity to correct and adjust the model according to the various feedback I received on the neutral pose. I hope that's better. It's kinda subtle tho. :)

The design of the bow is directly from the Artbook or Horizon: Zero Dawn. I thought it was fitting quite well with Overwatch as is ! :D

I'm quite happy with the result, hope you guys like it !

Cheers !

Aloy Overwatch - HD Posing